Bean: Gender Neutralizing the Baby Doll

Bean: Gender Neutralizing the Baby Doll

Bean is a close friend to nurture and care for, breaking gender segregation amongst this genre of toys, allowing children to play with what they wish without receiving judgement from society. By eliminating typical terminology for this type of toy, we create a more comfortable brand, for both parents and children. Bean also strives to not only break gender segregation amongst toys, but also amongst hobbies and activities, allowing all genders to sprout together.

This is just one step to breaking gender segregation, after all, the world isn't just pink or blue.

The original crate packaging, which the Bean comes in, converts into various objects and hobbies using different kits. The conversion packaging has holes placed through out, allowing the kits to be used,as well as, encouraging parents and children to sprout their imagination, coming up with their own conversions. A child can also customize the Bean using different Bean Beanies and Bean Burrito outfits. I stripped the idea of a doll, down to its most minimal form, allowing the child to dictate what the Bean actually is (male, female, human, plant, animal, anonymous, etc).

All pieces of this project were handmade.